Labels and packaging are huge deal when selling your soap.  Whether it’s a cigar band, shrink wrap with a label, a coffee filter with a label or simply a box with a label…this is sometimes the first thing your customer will see.  You definitely want to make a great first impression! 

My favorite way to package round soap is to simply use a coffee filter.  I use a 2.5” round label from to hold it together. 

For my regular bars of soap, I use shrink wrap bands from Wholesales Supplies Plus and then a rounded corner label from  I love the kraft colored labels but they have many to choose from including clear and waterproof.

Here are some other great ideas, inspiration and resources! 

Soap Pillow Box by Jacqui Sharples on flickr 

Tule and Ribbon by naiadsoaparts on flickr

Plantable Paper by jamie lea karoses on flickr

Organza bags by ConcordSoap on flickr

Clear box by soapylovedeb on flickr

Soap Boxes by abreathoffrenchair on flickr

Round soap packaging by abreathoffrenchair on flickr

Now, where do you find the packaging?  Here’s a couple of great places to start! – boxes, bags, containers, ribbon, paper – paper with seeds embedded – soap and candle boxes – soap boxes – boxes – boxes, bags, containers, ribbon, paper, custom boxes – a little bit of everything – soap boxes, bags, shrink wrap – organza bags

And there are a ton more!  Just do a search and find all kinds of suppliers.

More packaging ideas:
Soap Queen –

And…I have to give a shout out to one of my fav things for packaging!  Divine Twine!

Visit the website here and the blog here.