Udderly delighted was I,
Pleasant Grove goat milk soap did I try,
it lathered and bubbled,
and left me less troubled,
skin smooth, silky soft, nary dry.

It’s true.  Pleasant Grove Goat’s Milk Soap inspires poetry!  So does this little girl.  I’ll try to hold back.  I think I’m going to add her to my Christmas list though.  So cute! 

What goes best with a goat? Honey, almond and oatmeal! I received a big hunk of soap from Deborah of Pleasant Grove Soaps scented with the wonderful aroma of honey and almond. Delightful, comfortable…and sort of hunger inducing. I love to bake and this lovely fragrance made me want to whip up a batch of cupcakes. Yum. The soap lathers beautifully starting with a fluffy bounty of bubbles reducing to a rich lotion-like lather. Oh…my skin loves this soap.

And…what are cupcakes without icing? Deb also sent a bottle of Goat Milk Lotion Mist…and this is the icing. Scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar, this spray is simply…yummy. This super sweet lotion mist is super light. Spray it on, rub it in and try not to put your arm up to your nose smelling it every 15.4 seconds. Then try not to reapply it every hour because you’re suffering from sugar withdrawals. Just try not to. Impossible…this spray is super addicting and so easy to apply.

I also received a bottle of Goat Milk Lotion scented with Honey and Almond. Like the soap, it smelled wonderful.

You can find Deb’s website here.  I love her website.  She’ll introduce you to her goats and share with you some great information on the benefits of using goat milk soap.  Do you happen to have a funny goat story?  She wants to hear about it.

Thanks Deb for the wonderful products. Okay, now pass me some more of that Lotion Mist.