I love daisies.  I have a thing for them…I really do.  They’ve been my favorite flower since I was in high school…give me daisies over roses any day. 

I love them so much I named my first dog Daisy!  She’s the sleepy Jack Russel Terrorist on the left. 

So when I ran across this daisy soap on Etsy by Ginger’s Garden (soapbuddy)…I just had to have it! 

It came in a super cute give box with a lip balm!  It’s an absolute work of art…DONE BY HAND!  The scent was amazing…a great floral but not heavy.  Very refreshing.  The whole presentation was extremely cute!  It would make a great gift. 

You can visit her here, on Etsy and on Artfire!

Some eye candy… 😉