I haven’t made soap in awhile.  I got the bug the other day and here’s what I made. I did a few things with this soap. It is made using two different batches to create the layers.

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I made two different 1 lb batches of soap.

Fireball Cold Process Soap Design Recipe

Olive oil – 6 oz
Lard – 4 oz
Coconut oil – 4
Castor oil – 1 oz
Avocado oil – 1 oz

I wanted the bottom layer to be a swirled design.  I chose to swirl with black oxide, sparkle gold mica (BB) and vintage grey mica (BB).  So I made the first batch.  I melted the oils and added my fragrance oil.  I chose Bramble Berry’s Energy FO.  I love this FO because it is a dream to soap.  It does not accelerate trace and smells wonderful.

I added the lye to my oils and mixed just until emulsified.  Since I wanted to do a swirl…it didn’t want a thick trace.

I separated out the three colors for the swirl.

I poured the uncolored soap into my mold and poured each color (all going the same direction).

I took a craft stick and swirled it up a bit.

Beautiful!  My next step was to make another one pound batch to go over this layer.  I had doubts.  This was a nice swirl!  But if I left it, it would only be about .75 inches thick.  I moved forward with my plan.

I made the next batch of soap.  This batch I separated out about 2 ounces each colored vintage grey mica (BB), sparkle gold mica (BB) with a pinch of yellow mica (BB) and coral mica (BB).  I colored the remaining base with a bit of chromium hydroxide teal green (suppliesbystar.com).  I made sure my bottom layer was set up enough to support the green base and gently spooned it on.

Then I inserted my dividers.

And here you can see the colors I separated out.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I wanted some sort of abstract swirly thingy on top.

I took the individual colors and put them in squirt bottles.  I squirted circles onto each bar starting with vintage gray, then coral and last sparkle gold mica.

I took a skewer and did a bit of a swirl to give it some interest.

And un-molded!

Happy Soaping!

– Amanda

For swirling tips, click the image below.

cold process swirling tips