We had an Intro to CP soap class a couple of weekends ago and it was a smashing success!  I had 9 wonderful students who did an awesome job!  

The class was held at the Bowles Life Center in Grand Prairie, TX.  It really is a beautiful facility.

After talking a bit about the basics…we jumped right into making soap.  The first step was making the lye solutions.  Then every team measured out their oils.

Next we gathered around the fragrances and talked about the differences in FOs and EOs.  I had Bramble Berry fragrances on hand including Energy (my fav), Lavender Chamomile and Vanilla Select.  I had peppermint EO on hand for those that wanted an EO.  We also talked about color.

Then it was time to stick blend!

Once everyone reached trace, they got to scent and color their soap.

And my favorite picture from the event…

After we were all mixed up…the soap went into the molds. 

My friend Courtney came and took pics.  She took some awesome shots!  (Thanks, Courtney!)

I want to thank everyone that attended.  I know I had a blast and I hope you did as well!