I had some soapy friends in the soap kitchen this weekend and it was all about the hot process soap!  About a month ago, Moya came over to soap with me.  She brought me a couple bars of soap which included a beautiful hot processed soap!  Since I didn’t really have a hot process soap tutorial on the blog I asked her if she’d be willing to give us some tips and show us how she does it!  She agreed and we made three batches of hot process soap!  Another local soaper (and candle maker) came to help out also!  (Below is Minnie, Me and Moya.)


Stay tuned because we’re going to show you how to make three different hot processed soaps!  We’ll share with you the three recipes we used along with some tips and tricks to make hot process soaping a breeze!

About the soapers…

Moya is a soaper that lives in Dallas, TX. She is a past student of mine from my GL Candle days. The Fair is going on now in Dallas and Moya is all about the fair food! If you need any recommendations or want her to draw you out a recommended food route…she’ll do it!   You can find Moya over at her blog, m. alan.

Minnie is another Dallas soap maker and candle maker.  She was my first ever student!  She left me with a beautiful candle after our soapy session!  You can find Minnie and more of her candles on her blog, Cama Scents

So stay tuned!  Much more to come!