Moya from m. alán came over today to soap!  We had a blast.  I hadn’t soaped in about a month so it felt good! 

We started off with a spoon type of swirl in a slab mold.  We divided the base four ways and colored using Chameleon Red Mica from, chromium hydroxide teal green and ultramarine violet (both from Star). 




It turned out great!  Since it was so thick we had to bang it on the floor and then Moya swirled the top.  I can’t wait to see how it looks out of the mold. 

Next I wanted to try out a new slab mold that I made out of silicone.  I also wanted to do a fall themed soap for a swap.  So we did a colum swirl using black charcoal and Pumpkin mica from TKB.  We scented it using an EO blend of anise, peppermint and grapefruit. 







Me and Moya!

Have a great weekend!