We had our first lunch in Grand Prairie at the Brass Bean Coffee Shop.  In attendance was myself, Robert (from Grand Prairie) and Donna (from Granbury).

We all brought stuff to show and tell.  I brought some of Margie’s soap to show…they’re so pretty!  I can’t bring myself to use them…so I just tote them around with me…lol.  I also brought some of the silicone molds I’ve been working on.  Robert (who also does jewelry with his wife) was able to give me some silicone pointers…so that was handy!  Donna brought some samples of her goat’s milk soap.  You can see those here with the cute picture of her goat’s on the insert.  Robert brought some of his soaps…you can see the yellow one in the middle made with tea.

Robert and I learned something new today!  There are goat’s that don’t have ears!  Donna has two of them…one that gives her milk that she uses in her soap.  And then Donna and I learned something about Robert!  He went to clown school!  Yep…he’s a soapmaking professional clown!  How cool is that!?

We talked about everything including suppliers (and how much we love and will miss Star), beeswax, felting soap, goat’s milk, oils, colors, scents…pretty much everything soap making.

We had a blast!  The Brass Bean Coffee shop was the perfect spot to hang out, show off and talk soap.  

We’re planning on doing the same thing next month so look for details coming soon. 

Have a great rest of the weekend!