Marla Bosworth of Back Porch Soap hosted a set of classes in NYC this past weekend.  When Holly Port and I were down in Austin teaching, she asked if we’d be interested in teaching in NY.  After doing a happy dance or two…we excitedly agreed to do it.  Classes were planned, listed and sold out quickly!  We had students from different countries and from different states around the US!

I taught a Cupcake and Specialty Drink class in which we made cold process cupcakes, latte soap and salt bar smoothies.  I also taught an advanced coloring class where I taught the peacock swirl, hearts and flowers and a landscape/layering design.

My good friend Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe taught Happy Hour Soaping where she made soap out of beer, wine and champagne.  Her other class was on felting soap.

I want to send a big thank you to Marla for having us and being such a great host!  Below are some pics from the classes.

Holly’s Felting Class

Amanda’s Cupcake and Specialty Drink Class

Holly’s Happy Hour Soaping

Amanda’s Advanced Coloring Class – Peacock Swirl, Hearts & Flowers and Landscape/Layers Soap

The students did a great job!  Thanks to all that came and joined in the fun.

For more classes with Marla Bosworth visit Back Porch Soap / For more classes with Amanda Griffin visit my class page / For Holly Port visit Lotion Bar Cafe