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The next Intro to Cold Process Soap is scheduled for March 24 at 11:am.  Visit to sign up!

My last class of 2011 was December 17 and I totally forgot to post pictures!  It was a great class.  These ladies were ambitious!  For their first soap they did layers and swirls into their molds!  How awesome is that?

Group picture!

In the pot swirl!

Mother and daughter teamwork! 

The double pour!

Another teamwork moment!  I’m lovin’ all of the teamwork!

Measuring out their oils!

Thanks for a wonderful class, ladies!


Soap Classes/Seminars2017-02-01T15:32:06-06:00

Please visit our class page for classes available!

Past Speaking/Teaching Engagements Include:

New York Bath and Body University – 3 day workshop – March 2013

Central Soapers Workshop – 2 day workshop – March 2013
I gave two presentations including Formulating Advanced Soap Recipes and How to Pipe Cupcake Soap

Beauty in Haiti Workshop #2 – 2 day workshop in Haiti with the women of OFEDA – March 2013

Austin Texas Bootcamp – 2 day workshop – February 2013

Beauty in Haiti Workshop – 2 day workshop in Haiti with the women of OFEDA – January 2013

NYC Soap University – 3 Day Bootcamp (Back Porch Soap/Marla Bosworth) – August 2012
Advanced Coloring and Designs including the Peacock Swirl, Hearts and Flowers and Landscape Design demos
Cupcakes and Specialty Drink Soaps including Cupcakes, Lattes and Salt Bar Smoothies demos

Texas Soapmaker’s Seminar – 2012
Basic Soapmaking Demo and The Peacock Swirl

Alabama Soap Meeting – 2012
Making Single Cavity Silicone Soap Molds and The Peacock Swirl

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