Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe came down to visit a couple of weekends ago and help out with a class.  Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well so we decided to juice some fresh ginger to hopefully knock out whatever was getting her.  As we got done juicing and started to clean up the juicer…we both kinda paused, looked at each other…and I think it was Holly that said…”let’s soap it!”  And “soap it” we did!

I took some of the ginger pulp and laid it out on a cookie sheet to dry a bit more.  Then I put it in a food processor shred it down some more.  We used about 1/4 cup in our three pound recipe.

Ginger Soap – Using fresh ginger pulp in soap

Ginger Soap Recipe:

Avocado oil – 2 oz
Coconut oil – 20 oz
Olive oil – 16 oz
Rice bran oil – 5 oz
Shea butter – 4 oz
Sunflower oil – 3 oz
Ground ginger pulp – 1/4 cup

Lye – 7.2 oz
Water – 12 oz

Make your lye solution.  Weight out the solid oils and melt.  Add the liquid oils to the melted oil.

Holly and I decided to add the ginger to the melted oils and stickblend to help break them up some more.

Add the lye solution and bring to trace.  We wanted to do two bars…one scented and one unscented.  So we divided our mixture at trace and scented one.

Then pour it into your mold!  We used mail tubes with liners to make cute 3″ round soaps.

After 24 hours, cut your soap and cure for about 4 weeks.

I used one today for the first time.  Its been curing about 2 weeks so I’ll let it keep curing a bit longer.  I love this recipe.  Its nice and hard (and palm free).  The lather is great and it rinses nicely without any tacky/sticky feel.  You can see some of the pulp in the soap so I was worried that it might be a bit scratchy like oatmeal.  It wasn’t scratchy at all.  You could feel it a bit if you really tried but it was really smooth.  It turned out to be a great soap!

Happy Soaping!


ps – Do you want to purchase some of the liners used above?  I sell them 25 for $10.00 (includes US shipping).  Email me amanda@lovinsoap.com to order.  See original liner post on how to use them.