Its sweater weather in Colorado and that is exactly what inspired Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe to make these adorable felted sweater soaps with the help of her neighbor.

Felted Christmas Sweater Ball Ornament Soaps by Holly Port

She started out with soap balls from Bramble Berry’s silicone sphere mold.  Then she felted them.  Here’s a tutorial on how to felt the balls.  Then she needle felted the cute little design onto them and strung them on some twine to hang on the Christmas tree!

You’ll need wool!  Wrap your sphere soap so that it is completely covered.

Here’s a cool technique to hold everything in place when you first start felting.  Place your soap covered with felt into the foot of knee highs.  This holds everything together and in place as you start agitating, rubbing and patting.

Dunk it into hot water and start rubbing and patting.

Once it is mostly felted take it out of the pantyhose and test the felt.  Try to pinch some off.  Do fibers easily pull away?  If so…keep felting.  If it is nice and tight and doesn’t pinch off…then it is probably ready.

Give it a quick rinse in cold water to shock it and then roll it up into a towel to squeeze the water out.

While they are still wet, start needle felting your design.  You’ll need felting needles that have the little barbs on them.  You can find them at most craft stores.

String them on some twine and hang as ornaments!  These will make great gifts!



About Holly

Holly is a soap maker, author and teacher. She is CEO of Lotion Bar Cafe and author of Make It Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats.