Creating a Custom Silicone Slab or Block Mold

There are several quality silicone soap molds on the market these days in all kinds of stock sizes.  But what if you can’t find the exact size that you want?  I know several soap makers who have their ideal finished bar size and packaging just the way they want it.  Once they’re ready to ramp up production, they have issues finding a production size block mold.  You can easily make your own!

Once you’re done with this eBook, you’ll be able to make your own silicone molds for hobby or to help step-up your production!


Topics Include:

Choosing the Right Kind of Silicone
Basic Terms to Know
What Size Mold to Make?
What Size Mold Box Do You Need?
How Much Silicone Do You Need?
Creating the Mold Positive
Creating the Mold Box
Sealing the Mold Box
Mixing the Silicone
Pouring the Mold

28 page E-book with full color photos and easy to understand instructions! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!