Soooooooooo, even the queen of bath fizzies has issues at time.

I was hanging out with my soapin’ sister, Holly Port, this past weekend helping her with a show. Bath fizzies were on the to-do list. This batch used a new colorant and just didn’t get to the perfect texture for creating round balls of bath fizzy goodness. Did we toss it?

Goodness no! We made what became the star of the craft show! Powdered elf.

If you ever have a batch of bath fizzies go wrong, put it in a bag and call it something powdered! We had powdered elf and powdered unicorn. Be creative! They certainly got attention!

powdered elf fizzy dust

Powdered elf dust

Most of Holly’s batches of bath fizzies turn out just fine!  Her husband, the F’ Bomber (fizzy bomber), churned out these beautiful bath bombs which we packaged into sets!  People loved these for stockings.

bath fizzies

Holly Port recently wrote a book on how to make bath fizzies and other bath-time treats!

make it fizz by holly port

In Make it Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats, Holly Port will explain the easiest way to make bath bombs so that you don’t have the challenges you may have had in the past with other recipes. Chock full of easy to understand instructions and full color pictures for the 24 recipes included, you are sure to succeed with this book, regardless of your skill level. With a few simple ingredients, and a little bit of time, you’ll be making bath bombs in an afternoon.

You’re in good hands with this quick and easy guide to showing you not only the basics, but also more fun and challenging recipes like the Fizzy Pops, designed to look like tasty cake pop treats. Taking it a step further she has also included cupcake bath bombs with a sugar scrub topping. Who wouldn’t love to make these? This book can be a project for yourself, a gift for a friend, or an enhancement to your knowledge in the world of bath and body crafts. Whatever the purpose, the reader will enjoy!”

Get it here! 

Happy Bath Fizzy Making!

Amanda Gail