Did you miss the Cocoa and Coffee Salt Bar or the African Black Soap Salt Bar?  Be sure to check them out for more details about why I love salt bars and how to make them.  This is simply another variation that I love.

Because they set up fast and hard, I prefer to do salt bars in individual cavity molds. My favorite salt bar shape, and a way to make them unique and different than my regular bar soap, is a half round /half cylinder shape. This mold from Bramble Berry is absolutely perfect.

Orange Oatmeal Breakfast Salt Bar

Orange Oatmeal Breakfast Salt Bar Recipe

Coconut oil – 756 g
Water – 220 g
Lye – 110 g

Fine Sea Salt – 378 g
Oats – 2 Tablespoons
Orange Peel Granules – .5 Tablespoons

Essential oil blend
Nutmeg – 25 g
Pink Grapefruit – 15 g
Orange, Sweet – 15 g
Clary Sage – 5 g
Almond – 5 g
Patchouli – 5 g


Amanda Gail