I recently finished a basic soapmaking eBook. Yay! I’ve been working on this baby for a LONG time. You can buy it by itself or purchase it with the recipe book and save $5.00! It is a 54 page (8.5 x 11″) PDF with text and full color photos.

  How to make cold process soaphow to make soap

About the Book

How to Make Cold Process Soap walks you through the process of making natural soap from the comfort of your kitchen. I go over safety, ingredients, equipment, the basic process and include advanced topics such as formulating. This book is full of resources including a Soapmaking Oil Chart, which provides oils and their properties in soap with usage percentage guidelines.

No matter your reason for jumping into the craft of soapmaking, one thing is for certain…your skin will thank you.  What we put ONTO our bodies is just as important as what we put INTO our bodies.  When you make your own soap you are able to control what you put onto your body by choosing skin loving oils and butters such as olive oil and shea butter, beneficial additives such as herbs and clays and natural essential oils such as lavender and tea tree that you can mix and combine to create powerful aromas.

Many people with skin conditions, such as eczema, or other sensitivities do well when using gently formulated handmade soap.  Many soap makers begin their soapmaking journey to help relieve their skin condition or a family member’s skin condition.

Soapmaking is a bit like baking.  Just as every baker has their own recipe, technique and design for making a chocolate cake, every soap maker has their own way of whipping up a batch of soap.  Although this book provides you with my technique and process, I encourage you to read other books and learn other techniques and methods.  You’ll soon find your own rhythm and create a process all your own.  Always remember to make safety a top priority no matter what method you use.

Before you make your first batch of soap, I recommend that you read this book from front to back to get an overall view of the process.  I hope that this book serves you as a guide as you begin your journey into soapmaking.

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Topics include:

A Brief History of Soapmaking
What is Soap?
Equipment and Tools
Lye Safety
Using a Scale
Let’s Make Soap
Basic Soap Recipe
The Basic Process
A Visual Guide to Trace
Curing and Storing Your Soap
Advanced Topics in Soapmaking
To Gel or Not to Gel
Temperatures in Soapmaking
Determining Batch Size
Water in Soapmaking
Online Soap Calculators
Superfatting and Lye Discounting
Formulating Recipes
Soapmaking Oil Chart
Classifications of Oils
Creating Single Oil Soaps
How to Modify a Recipe
Terms to Know
Common Soapmaking Abbreviations
Soap Suppliers
Online Tutorials and Instruction
Soapmaking Magazines (Print and Digital)
Soapmaking Trade Organizations
Soapmaker Conferences, Seminars and Gatherings

You’ll be making your own soap from scratch in no time!