My new eBook, How to Color Cold Process Soap, is complete!

This eBook is the soapmaking industry’s ultimate and most up-to-date color resource for cold process soap.

How To Color Soap Book

Coloring soap can be confusing, especially when first starting out.

  • Do I have to pre-mix oxides?
  • Why is my soap speckled?
  • Why did my beautiful blue soap morph to gray?
  • What is Bis(Glycidoxyphenyl)propane / Bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer and why is it in my colorant?
  • How do I use herbs to color my soap?
  • Is this colorant natural or synthetic?
  • This color has a dye in it, why does the supplier say it won’t bleed?

All of these questions, plus many more, are answered in this detailed guide. Whether you are soaping with mica, mineral pigments, cosmetic pigments, dyes, clays or natural spices and herbs, you will become a master at coloring cold process soap.

Order your copy!

I want to say a special THANK YOU to several suppliers who sent in colorants for me to swatch. Thank you so much for your support and contribution to this project.

Also included with your purchase are two excellent resources!

Swatch Gallery

This digital swatch gallery includes photographs of over 220 color swatches! I did the work so you don’t have to waste money testing colorants yourself! The gallery includes:

  • 140+ mica swatches including Lettuce Entertain You, Kelly Green and 24 Karat Gold, from suppliers such as Bramble Berry, Mad Oils, Rustic Escentuals, TKB, Nurture Soap and more!
  • 9 mineral pigment swatches including Green Oxide, Yellow Oxide and Teal Green Oxide!
  • 28+ cosmetic pigment swatches including bright and neon pigments from suppliers such as Bramble Berry, Mad Oils and TKB!
  • 24+ natural spice and herb swatches including alkanet, annatto and indigo!
  • 13 cosmetic clay swatches including rose clay, orange illite clay and purple Brazilian clay!


Troubleshooting Guide

This guide walks you through common issues that can occur when working with colorants and how to avoid or fix them. From mixing issues to picking the wrong colorant for your design, you’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do when an issue arises.


We’re keeping the book on sale until December 31, 2015 so be sure to order your copy by then!

Happy Soaping!

Amanda Gail