I have this weird obsession with soap slices. I love little stacks of soap slices tied up in string or packaged together in bags. I just love the way it looks! If I walk up to your booth at a show and you have a soap stack, I’m buying it. Other people like it too!

When I helped Benjamin out at Prairie Soap Company, we couldn’t keep the soap stacks in stock! They were usually made by taking the end pieces of soap and cutting them down for the stacks. But many times we would end up taking perfectly good soap and cutting into slices for the stacks.  Here are some old pics I found on FB of soap slices from Prairie Soap Company.


I think people like to try different soaps so instead of buying full bars, they liked buying the soap stacks. They are also great for guest bathrooms. I cut down the slices into guest size bars…check out this blog post on how to create guest size bars.

I usually cut one bar into three slices, using my multi-bar cutter.

cold process soap slice soap slices

You can tie them up with chord or ribbon and label using a hang-tag.

soap-samples soap-decks


Do you make soap slices? How do they sell for you?

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail