This is a sponsored post in collaboration with! allows you to create custom stickers, labels and more! Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. I loved working with them and I was very pleased with their labels.

create beautiful labels for handcrafted soap

Why Packaging Matters

When it comes to selling soap, packaging matters – and it matters a lot. Sometimes the first thing that draws a customer in is your packaging. Even before they lift your soap to their nose to smell your lavender or mint fragrance, they look at your overall packaging, either deterring or drawing them in.

Packaging plays a very large role in pricing our products and making sales at the price point that you as the producer want.

Why is packaging important when it comes to selling your soap? Perceived value.

According to Benjamin in his eBook How to Wholesale Handcrafted Soap,

“Value perception can be defined as the worth that a product has in the mind of the consumer. The consumer’s perceived value of a product affects the price that he or she is willing to pay.”

As consumers, when we look at things, we immediately assign a value to them. In order to sell your soap you must have people perceive each bar as meeting the value you set with your pricing. If your packaging is not well designed and professional, then they might look at your price and say, “No way am I paying that much for THIS bar of soap!”

You want the opposite to happen. You want them to be drawn to your packaging, pick up your bar of soap and immediately perceive a value close to your set price (or higher!). If you do your job right, people won’t even think of the pricing when picking up your product. Great packaging makes it easier for people to buy.

If you plan to get into the wholesale arena and you want to sell your soap in retail stores, packaging is everything! Retailers will want to make sure that your packaging is appealing to their target customer, professional in design and will hold up over time on the retail floor.

Even if you’re not selling soap yet, the same thing applies to soap that you give as gifts. Great packaging can really make the perceived value of a gift higher.

Handcrafted Soap Labels

An easy, attractive and affordable option for soap packaging is using labels. Labels are a great packaging option because you can put them on anything!

You can buy labels in bulk or short run. Whether you package your soap in boxes, shrink-wrap, paper wrap or bags, you can use a sticker label to complete your packaging. Labels can even be applied directly to your soap in some cases.

I was recently approached by to try out their services and labels. I’m always on the lookout for soap packaging options to use and to share with you, so I was very excited to try them out!

Here is what I liked immediately about

  • has several different label styles and stock to choose from. You can choose from glossy white, matte or even clear labels in any shape or size. Get free samples here.
  • Their labels are made of vinyl, not paper, giving a more high-quality appearance. The vinyl material is removable and can be applied directly to soap without damaging it.
  • You can get a quick quote. I want to know ahead of time what a project might cost and don’t like having to fill out a form and wait to hear. So I like that you can enter in what you want and know immediately what you will spend.
  • You can buy a little or buy a lot. I love that you can buy as little as one page of labels. Of course, you save money the more you buy, but sometimes you don’t need 5000 labels!
  • I loved pouring through their blog and learned a lot by checking out their education center, StickerU!

So here is what I think about their labels!

I recently collaborated with a local artist to create soap for an event. She wanted the soap wrapped in beautiful marbled paper and wanted to keep the label design as black and white. So I jumped onto my favorite handmade paper website and found this beautiful swirled paper.

paper wrapped soap

I wrapped each bar! I love beautiful paper like this.

Check out the labels! I designed these using Photoshop. The labels come on sheets for easy storage and sorting. The ones I got are super glossy. They peeled easily. (I HATE getting labels that are hard to peel off of the paper!)

soap labels

And they were easy to apply to the wrapped soap! Easy peasy!

labels for handcrafted soap

I LOVE the way these soaps came out. Between the paper wrap and the beautiful labels, this soap is stunning.

So if you are needing labels printed, try out I think the best thing about this company is that you can try them out by only purchasing a few sheets. I love to be able to try before I commit to thousands of labels!

StickYou has graciously provided a coupon code for anyone who wants to purchase. Use code LOVINSOAP when checking out by entering it into the promo code box.

Happy Soaping!

– Amanda Gail