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Learning at your own pace.

E-Classes make learning fun and easy. You have up to a year to watch your video e-class, so you can watch it whenever you have time. No rush.

Learn to Make Bath Bombs!

Our most popular class is the Learn to Make Bath Bombs E-Class!

This eClass includes a 1 hour and 30 minute long video and my Bath Bomb Recipe + Design eBook.

Very informative and fun. Amanda Aaron has a comfortable delivery and explained the process step by step. My first ever batch of bath bombs came out successfully because of this video. The recipe is precise and the bath bombs are great in the tub. They left my skin feeling soft. A home run as always!”Dori M.

In the video we’ll go over ingredients, hardeners, formulation, molding and troubleshooting – including tips for making bath bombs in humid weather! I demonstrate how to make three different bath bombs using different molds and design techniques.

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Boost Revenue by Teaching Classes!

Our second most popular class is the Learn to Teach Soap Making Classes E-Class!

Teaching classes is a great way to earn additional income alongside your soap business. And the best part? You get to decide your own hours, how much to charge and how many classes to teach. It is flexible to setup and start an education business. You can start small (maybe one class a month) and grow as you feel comfortable.

“This class is an essential step in the preparation of sharing your art with others. Knowing how to make soap is important, learning how to translate this in an organized manner to others – is even more important. I would recommend this material to anyone interested in generating new streams of revenue for your soap business.” – Aroma Vardo Soap, Tallahassee, FL

We’ll go over many topics including where to start, where to teach, what to teach, writing class descriptions, outlines, class size, pricing, policies and rules, building your teacher cred, advertising your classes and more!

I’ll share with you my story on how I built my teaching empire and how I executed my soap making classes (including what equipment, molds, supplies and containers I used and the process I used).

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Learn to Swirl Like a Pro!

Secrets of Swirling Cold Process Soap is our newest class and rave reviews are just coming in!

During the 1 hour 30 minute long video eClass we’ll discuss:

  • Controlling trace.
  • Formulating slow-moving soap recipes.
  • Temperatures when making soap.
  • How fragrances and essential oils affect trace.
  • How additives affect trace.

Then I’ll demo three different swirling techniques.

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Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Aaron