When you make soap in a loaf mold, you typically cut it vertically, into slices.

Some designs, require a horizontal cut! I call this a stacked cut design. It is like the bars of soap are stacked on top of one another. The top of the loaf and the middle of the loaf are the surfaces of your bars.

You’ve probably heard of the mantra swirl, Taiwan swirl, circling Tawain swirl…all of these require a stacked cut.

Here is a regular cut loaf of soap compared to a stacked cut.

Here is how I do it!

Note: I have a fancy cake cutter from Plowboyz Woodshop (I don’t see it listed at the moment). It has one long arm to slice up a cake soap. You could also use a log splitter type of cutter, or even just a knife.

First, I split loaf horizontally down the middle.
The loaf is split down the middle.
Then I cut each bar. My mold is 10″, so I cut my bars into 2.5″ bars.
I use a ruler to make sure I’m cutting the correct bar width.
Here they are all cut!

If you don’t have a soap cake cutter, here are some other videos of soapers cutting a stacked cut design!

Teri with Tree Marie Soapworks makes and cuts a beautiful Circling Taiwan Design.

Soap Lilly

Holly – Kapia Mera Soap

Happy Soaping!