Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap eBook by Benjamin Aaron (75 Unique Blends)

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These 75 essential oil blends for cold-process soap are Prairie Soap Company’s best sellers. Over the course of 10 years, these soap scent blends found their way to homes across the country through our retail, wholesale, and online presence. From the very bright and simple to the deep and complex, these blends comprise hours of study, trial and error. These 75 blends were crafted week after week, month after month. I hope you enjoy!

-Benjamin Aaron

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Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap eBook

  • 8.5 x 1 PDF eBook download | 21 Pages | Printable with room for notes

Infuse the Therapeutic Qualities of Essential Oils into Your Handcrafted Soap!

Whether you’re new to soap making or are a veteran soap maker, you’ll appreciate the time and care that went into crafting these 75 unique essential oil blends for infusing natural fragrance into your soap.

Over the course of 10 years, Prairie Soap Company’s best-selling soap blends found their way into homes across the country. Scents range from bright and simple to deep and complex. These 75 unique blends comprise hours of study, trial and error, with an end result that will astound you!

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Learn about Top, Middle and Base notes and why you need to blend them to create long-lasting essential oil blends for your soap!

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants by distillation or expression. Essential oils have therapeutic qualities and just like perfumers, soap makers mix them together to create synergistic blends. Especially good for aromatherapy, essential oil blends provide a natural way to fragrance your soap.

In Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap, Benjamin Aaron, provides a wide range of essential oil blends, saving you time and money. The first 16 blends incorporate common essential oils such as lavender, peppermint and citrus oils, providing foundational basic blends for soap making.

The remaining blends are more complex and use a diverse selection of essential oils. These oil blends are perfect for the experienced soaper who is looking to step outside the box and create tantalizing scents for their handcrafted soap.

Each blend recipe includes the name of the essential oil and the percentage of the oil used, making it easy to scale the recipe up or down. In addition, Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap is formatted for printing on 8.5 x 11 paper with room for notes by each blend allowing you to record your thoughts as you work through the blend.

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9 reviews for Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap eBook by Benjamin Aaron (75 Unique Blends)

  1. Nekisha Lewis (verified owner)

    I wanted to get some simple blends to switch over from FO to EO in my soaps and didn’t want to scour the internet trying to find blends with %….i wanted tried, tested and true blends ready for me to try out. This E-book was exactly that. Its 75# straight-forward blends. I ended up using more of their very simple blends and some from their free resources but I know if I ever want to get more high tech with my blends, I have a valuable resource. Only note is that the e-book has not been updated with the new IFRA suggestions for Spearmint usage so most of the recipes/blends using spearmint are no longer safe.

  2. Mindy (verified owner)

    Yes, this ebook has 75 essential oil blend, but not much more. I was hoping for more details. Like which types of citrus do you use for lemon, lime, grapefruit? Cold-pressed or distilled? 10x sweet orange is the only one I see specified in some blends. What’s the difference between cold pressed, steam distilled and folded? Or do you use star anise or anise seed EO when anise is in a blend? What’s the difference in cedarwoods, lavenders, and so many other EO’s that have varieties that smell very different, and which do you recommend for the blends?
    What are other ways to anchor scents other than with “spicy or woody” notes as you mention if you don’t want those notes in your soap? I would love to see an ebook that addresses these types of questions more comprehensively. Overall, I guess it’s gives folks ideas for blends and somewhere to start from.

  3. Tracy (verified owner)

    I am VERY new to soap making and so far, the information I’m reading in these classes and tutorials is easy to follow and easy to understand. I am planning to make natural soaps and this class is a good start for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and yourselves to teach others this skill. I’m looking forward to many years of soap making!!! The EO blends look amazing and I’m looking forward to using them in soap making.

  4. Jez Lister (verified owner)

    Some wonderful blends with a super easy way to work out the exact quantities you need. Definitely recommended!


    Great recipes, and very good explanation on how to make them. Thank you

  6. Sue Sitki (verified owner)

    I just love this book! I purchased it last week and have already tried some of the blends — they are gorgeous!

    Thank you so much.

  7. jamila (verified owner)

    It has helped me tremendously in my soap my luxury soap making journey
    The best $20. i have spent for the year

  8. Ansulene Prinsloo (verified owner)

    Great great book with different blends…gave me really a lot of new ideas. I do have quite a few of their books, and every single one of them are great.

  9. Michelle Johnson (verified owner)

    Great book with lots of ideas.

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