How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap eBook by Benjamin Aaron

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This book is specifically written for handcrafted soapmakers who are ready to take their small business to the broader marketplace. From the power of goal setting to breaking down your true manufacturing costs to designing an effective wholesale catalog, How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap takes the mystery (and fear) out of the wholesaling process, step by step.

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How to Whole$ale Your Handcrafted Soap eBook

5” x 8PDF eBook download | 270 Pages

You’ve built a soap making business and are ready to bring your products to a broader marketplace – you’re ready to start wholesaling!

In How to Whole$ale Your Handcrafted Soap eBook, soaper and Business Coach, Benjamin Aaron, walks you through the steps to set up a successful wholesaling business. Learn to harness the power of goal setting, break down your true manufacturing costs, and design an effective wholesale catalog!

Take the mystery and fear out of the wholesaling process with this essential step-by-step guide!

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Let’s Talk About Goals
  • Chapter 2: What is Wholesale?
  • Chapter 3: Branding/Rebranding
  • Chapter 4: Market Research
  • Chapter 5: UPC Barcodes
  • Chapter 6: Know Your Costs. Know Your Price.
  • Chapter 7: Paperwork
  • Chapter 8: Logistics
  • Chapter 9: Selling
  • Chapter 10: Aftermarketing
  • Chapter 11: Build Relationships. Define Success.
  • About the Author
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Resources

About the Author

Benjamin Aaron is a business coach and consultant through The Lovin’ Soap Studio. With the experience and knowledge attained from running a successful for-profit soap and skin care company, along with training dozens of individuals around the world through his non-profit work, Benjamin offers his unique perspective on business and artisan manufacturing through his numerous books and resources found here at

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