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Get Lifetime Access to our Business Membership at Lovin Soap!

Lifetime access means that you pay once for access to all of the great business content at Lovin Soap! Our Business Membership is usually a yearly fee of $470! Save $180 AND never have to pay again!

You’re in for life! <– High FIVE!

**Please note that if you’re a current monthly member, you’ll need to login to your account and cancel your monthly subscription. Purchasing the Lifetime Membership does not automatically cancel it.**

So, if you join our Business Membership, what do you get?

You get all of the great eBooks and eClasses included in BOTH the Maker Membership and the Business Membership!

MAKER MEMBER CONTENT <– check it out!



  • Lovin’ Soap Studio offers the most comprehensive, tried and tested library of soap making resources out there!
  • Expand your knowledge with our easy-to-consume process videos and eBook guides.
  • Choose from over 100+ palm free and vegan recipes + essential oil blends to get started.
  • Learn to formulate your own recipes for each type of process! Our recipes are great, but formulating your own is priceless.
  • Don’t waste ingredients and money on bad recipes and instructions! Our modern processes and formulas have been tested by makers over the last 10 years with excellent results.

Why choose a membership when there’s so much free content out there?

Ahhhh my favorite question! There is a buffet of free resources on how to make soap and other products. The problem? A lot of the resources aren’t complete (maybe they don’t provide a recipe), contain inaccurate or dangerous info and hardly any teach beyond the basic process. I LOVE teaching formulation and dive deep into each topic that I teach. For example, I LOVE my soap recipes but I want you to learn formulate your own!

And when it comes to business and online marketing, time-wasting wild goose chases just aren’t going to cut it. You need easy-to-digest content on relative topics, actionable steps and motivation to take your hobby and turn it into a thriving business! Let’s do it!


Amanda Aaron of Lovin' Soap

Hi! I’m Amanda Aaron from Lovin Soap Studio. I’ve been teaching the craft of soap making for over 10 years and finally decided to compile everything I know into a membership site. We have waaaaaaay to much to offer that it can easily become overwhelming. Joining our membership allows you to have access to everything we offer so you can take your time, but also dip your toe into a new process or technique without a higher financial obligation.

I’ve taught thousands of makers through my eClasses and eBooks, providing tried and tested recipes, processes and business/marketing advice.

Whether you haven’t even made your first batch of soap or you’re ready to start your business, we’ve got you covered and we have an amazing membership packed with resources.

The #1 piece of feedback that I get from my students is that my material is easy to digest, easy to follow and doesn’t contain a lot of fluff. Get exactly what you need to learn and grow your skills.

“I absolutely LOVE the business membership! Everything is very easy to navigate through. The e-books and e-classes are amazing quality and worth every penny. The maker content that comes with the business membership is such an added bonus! Tons of information and motivation to help improve my soapmaking skills. It truly feels like you are cheering me on! The business membership is very straightforward and to the point to help me get to the next level. The information available was able to pinpoint things in my business I was struggling with and solutions on how to fix it effectively. I highly recommend the maker or business membership for anyone that is looking for quality, personable, and educational content. It’s truly the best!” – Ashley Spencer
“Wow! What a great deal!! There is so much valuable information in both the Maker and Business areas – thank you for offering this! The business section has loads and loads of information about how to grow and manage my business. This is a resource I will be leveraging continuously. And as a bonus, the business level comes with the maker level included! The maker section has all sorts of amazing recipes and processes to learn (and not just soap!) I love that you include not only recipes, but how to formulate our own! I’ve taken several of the e-classes and am looking forward to learning more with the others! Thank you for helping us to grow our knowledge and our businesses! – Nectaria B
“If you have ever felt overwhelmed, confused by conflicting information, or looking for help with formulating (and what soapmaker hasn’t experienced all of these?) – Lovin’ Soap Studio will be your personal “Go-To” resource for all things soap and more.  You will find a treasure chest of content, including ebooks and videos with loads of clear and concise instructions.  The website has a simple and visually elegant layout that makes it so easy and intuitive to navigate.  Amanda’s relaxed, easy-going style will make you feel as if you were standing right next to her, as she patiently explains each process. I first met Amanda about 10 years ago and have purchased many of her ezines and ebooks over the years which have been invaluable to me. Amanda is a talented teacher, innovator, and motivator who has put together the most comprehensive library of soapmaking instruction for a complete “one-stop shop” membership. I’ve been making soap myself for almost 14 years and can promise that there is nothing else that even comes close to Lovin’ Soap Studio in content, clarity, and integrity.” – Kathy G


  • Why are you moving to a membership model? We have SO MUCH content at Lovin’ Soap that it can be quite the investment to purchase everything. We want to give more people access to more content.
    • Another reason is that since we do have so much content, it is a bit hard to know where to start…OR…your interests might change as you move through the content. So, giving you everything at once will allow you to sample the content and find the perfect place to start.
  • What content will I get with the Maker Membership?Click here to view all the content that you’ll receive immediate access to.
  • What content will I get with the Business Membership?Click here to view all the exclusive business related content that you’ll receive immediate access to – all in addition to everything in the Maker Membership!
  • How often do you add new content? We add new content every year! Keep your eye out for new eClasses, eBooks, templates and more!
  • What about my previous purchases at Lovin’ Soap? You have full access to your previous purchases at However, if you join here, you’ll have EVERYTHING, including new content, in one place.


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