Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking eBook

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This step by step guide to will walk you through the process of creating a more efficient method of preparing your lye solution and oils for making soap.

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Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking eBook

  • 8.5 x 11 PDF eBook download | 29 Pages

Learn to master-batch your lye and oils for more efficient soapmaking!

The process of soapmaking takes a lot of time, care and clean up! So, any opportunity for making the process more efficient and less messy is a win!

In Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking, I provide a step-by-step guide to creating a more efficient method of preparing your lye solution and oils for making soap.

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What is master-batching?

Master-batching is where you make large quantities of ingredients in advance, so you can pour off portions to use in future batches of soap as needed.

Just think, it takes time and effort to lug out all of your soapmaking supplies … the big buckets of coconut oil, cubes of castor oil and cubes of olive oil. It takes even more time to prepare your studio for the often-messy work of measuring out oils … and then comes the clean up!

By measuring out oils for several batches of soap at once, you can save time and elbow grease!

This informative eBook guides you through master-batching lye solution, soapmaking base oils and essential oil blends … allowing you to prepare ingredients for several batches at once (10, 20 or even more batches!). This cuts down drastically on the prep and cleanup of dealing with oils before and after every single soaping session.

And if you’re in the soapmaking business, you know time is money! Master-batching cuts down production time, reducing your costs and increasing revenue.

Soapmakers have been master-batching lye and oils for years. The processes in this book are nothing new. Yet, Lovin’ Soap Studio receives emails and questions about this topic all the time!

The Master-Batching Your Lye and Oils for Soapmaking eBook is our way of super serving our soapy friends so they have the answers they need right at their fingertips!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Lye Safety
  • Master-Batching Lye
    • Safety Precautions
    • Master-Batching Lye Process
    • Equipment & Supplies Needed
    • Using Your Lye Solution
    • Soaping with Milk
    • Scaling-Up
  • Master-Batching Oils
    • Method 1 – Pre-Scooped & Poured
      • Storing Pre-Measured Solid Oils & Butters
      • Storing Pre-Measured Liquid Oils
      • Pre-Scooped and Poured Process
      • Equipment & Supplies Needed
    • Method 2Master-Batching Oils
      • Master-Batching Oils Process
      • Stirring & Heating the Oils
      • When You are Ready to Make Soap
      • Storing Master-Batched Oils
      • Scaling-Up
  • Master-Batching Essential Oils
    • Storing Master-Batched Essential Oils
  • Some Consideration When Master-Batching

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4 reviews for Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking eBook

  1. Lisa M (verified owner)

    This was a game changer!! Hauling out ALL of my ingredients to make soap sometimes made me not do it. Now I just take a day and master batch my oils, haven’t tried the lye yet and then make soap another day. Love, love, love!!!!!

  2. Crystal (verified owner)

    I have purchased numerous e-books and classes, just as the others the instructions are easy to follow along and understand. I enjoy all of the products purchased. This particular e-book is what I need as I am in the process of making multiple batches of soap at once.

  3. Lucie (verified owner)

    This e-book on masterbatching was exactly what I needed. Simple, straightforward and clear instructions. I’ve been soaping in small batches for five years and need to scale up a bit. Happy with this purchase.

  4. Charmaine Trevisan (verified owner)

    Loved the simplicity of the explanations..
    I had heard of masterbatching but was totally in the dark of how it would all come together afterward – and now I am keen to start masterbatching and simplifying my soapmaking days 🙂

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