Pricing Your Handcrafted Soap: Profitable Pricing in 7 Steps Worksheets + Google Sheet

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Printable Pricing Worksheets + Google Sheets



Accurately price your soaps and other products in 7 steps!

I remember making my first batch of soap. It was a horrible experience! Ha! But I kept going and soap was soon taking up space on every available shelf I had in my home. I gave a ton away, but when I saw all this soap sitting around, I saw $$. I quickly decided to sell it at the local farmer’s market. This was ten years ago and a popular pricing strategy was to simply price it at $1 an ounce. So, I did…and I didn’t make much profit! Ha! I was basically covering materials costs, farmer’s market fees and not much else.

I never took the time to sit down, calculate everything and thoughtfully craft a pricing strategy that put money in my pocket. I got burnt out super quickly and was so discouraged. I wanted to make it work but didn’t understand how important branding and pricing were to the process. This eBook will focus on pricing your handcrafted soap.

This eBook+ worksheet bundle will help you determine your profitable pricing in 7 steps.

  1. Calculate your raw materials/packaging cost
  2. Calculate product cost
  3. Calculate labor cost
  4. Calculate overhead cost
  5. Create sales projections
  6. Perform market research
  7. Plan your profit for each product

After you work through these steps, you’ll have a pricing strategy that will more than cover costs; it’ll put profit into your pocket!

What’s included:

  • Downloadable PDF, including printable worksheets
  • Link to Google Sheet to plug in your numbers to get accurate pricing

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