Why do I 100% absolutely adore Lyn’s soap?  Her tops!  I love the creamy, swirly, piled high tops!  I first saw her soaps on the Soapmaking Forum.  Browsing Etsy one day I spied a soap and it just screamed Lyn.  Sure enough it was hers!  Lyn has managed to brand her soaps giving them a look that’s unique and easily recognizable.  Paired with bright happy colors, Lyn’s soap is the perfect pick-me-up for that morning shower.

So, now I introduce you to Lyn, aka Lyn4078 on Esty.

Me:  Tell us about yourself.

Lyn:  I am a mother of two who loves to cook, garden, collect teddy bears, make candles and soap. I am a registered nurse and have worked as a nurse since leaving school. I am a shy person and don’t like big crowds. I am homely and I treasure and love dearly my friends. My father told me many years ago that we may think we have lots of friends but that true friends are like diamonds…precious and rare. As I get older I see how true this statement is and I hold my true friends close to my heart.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by smell and also colour. I love the idea of creamy and soft and I think that is where my creamy look and toppings of my soap come from.

How did you get your start in soap making?

As a candle maker for many years I came across many posts by candle makers talking about how fragrance also worked well in soap for them. I did a swap with someone from USA; they included a bar of handmade soap in the swap and that was it. I never wanted to use commercially produced soap again. So at this point I began to research and read all I could about making my own soap. My first batch was a kit I purchased with all the ingredients and instructions provided. From there I was totally hooked.

How do you set your soap apart from all of the rest on Etsy?

Hmmmmm what sets me apart…………..I am not sure. I feel I am still on a journey of discovery :0)

What’s your favorite soaping rule to break?

I would have to kill you if I told you LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think let’s not live inside the square…dare to experiment. Some of the best discoveries have happened this way.

Do you have any favorite soap ingredient?

At the moment I am having a love affair with Tussah Silk. Oh I love love love it in soap. I think that and cocoa butter and you have some heavenly soap going on.

Do you have a favorite FO or EO?

Now fav FO/EO is a toughie as I love so many fragrances. I recently discovered Lemon Verbena from Sweetcakes and so enjoy it. I love Patchouli and would love to start experimenting with this EO in soap

Who’s your favorite supplier?

I have several fav’s. Being in Australia I tried to narrow my suppliers down to two and just could not do it! I adore Elements, Sweetcakes, Brambleberry, Scentworks and Daystar as my fav suppliers.

Do you have any advice for a new soaper?

My advice to a new soaper is firstly beware as this is likely to consume your everything! I even dream about soap from time to time! But with soaping please adhere to the safety measures around using lye and get yourself a good scale. Other than that just have lots of fun :0)

Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes as mentioned above I love to cook and have a library of cookbooks. I love the garden and especially roses but don’t grow them here in Queensland; have more the tropical theme going on. I love boyds bears and have been a collector for over ten years. I also love other bears and have more than I care to admit to. I love to make candles and recently started making melts…….they are so fun and a great way to try small sample bottles of fragrance.

What’s your favorite book, movie, and website?

Now I haven’t read in a long time but only recently saw the movie Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. Oh my I watched this with my son a few weeks ago and I cried and cried so hard trying to hold back the tears when watching that one. This movie has had a real impact on me and so drives home the need for us to live in harmony and to accept that we all have different beliefs and customs. But at the end of the day we are all people of this beautifully created world and we need to embrace each other and walk this journey as one.

Fav website…ETSY! I love Etsy and I love so many of those that chat there. Of course I also need to mention The Soapmaking Forum which is such a friendly and helpful community of soapers. If I could just squeeze one more in it has to be Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by, Lyn!

You can find Lyn’s fabulous soaps and candles in her Etsy shop.  Be sure to also stop by her blog.

Happy Soaping!