This is a fun and easy soap design that ends up looking like roses. It uses squirt bottles and a skewer to create the design.

My inspiration…found on Flickr here

Make your favorite soap base.  One that is super slow to set and allows for time to decorate your soap.  Mix it until just emulsified.

Pour about 1/4 cup into your mixing cups with mica.  Don’t scent this part of your soap or it will get thick.  I used TKB Apple Green POP and Chameleon Red Mica from Supplies by Star.

Add your color and scent to your base and pour into your mold.  I left this one unscented (oops!  forgot my fragrance!) and added some Blue POP mica from TKB.  I was going for a baby blue like in my inspiration photo…but since I used a high amount of olive oil it turned a pretty pastel green instead.  It will work!

Pour your colors into your squirt bottles.

The first step is to tightly swirl the red roses.  You want to leave a little of the base poking through.  It’s okay if it’s a bit messy looking.  We’ll beautify here in a minute.

Then take a skewer and swirl the rose a bit.  Start from the outside and move inward.  The bit of base color that you left peeking through helps define your petals a bit.

Here they are swirled and now we make the leaves.

To do the leaves simply place a dot of green wherever you want a leaf.  I did about two per rose.

Then you’ll stick a skewer into the middle of the leaf dot and pull away from the rose.  This creates the whispy point of the leaf.

And that’s it!  You’ve got a pretty Retro Rose garden!

Happy soaping!