And the winner is…(drumroll…)…Debbie!  She said…

“I have to go with the Oatmeal Milk and Honey. I know there are no swirls, added colorants, or a fragrance that’s screaming, “buy me”…. but do you see the complexity and beauty of the design on that soap?!!! That’s the beauty of simplicity at it’s absolute best! That had to take a steady hand a patient person and a soap of the perfect consistency. Absolutely gorgeous!”

You’ve just won yourself a bit of randomness. 

You are the winner of Wavy Gravy and Lone Star Limited from Hill Country Haiku!

I’ve also thrown in:

  • A mail tube mold with 25 liners you can see in action here
  • 3 samples of mica from including Teddy Bear Brown, Egyptian Emerald and Snowflake
  • Sample bag  of lavender fom San Francisco Herb Company
  • Guest hearts mold from WSP
  • Some squirt bottles for soap designs such as this
  • A tea strainer that I use for getting the thin like of mica or cocoa powder between layers you can see in action here
  • 2 soap stone trinket boxes
  • The next issue of the Lovin Soap E-zine for free (it should be done this week or early next week; I’ll email it to you when it’s complete!)

Whew!  I think that’s everything!  Email me your address, [email protected].

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments and for playing along.

Happy Soaping!