I first saw the peacock or bouquet swirl as a paper design at Paper Mojo and decided to try making a soap in this design. See original post here.

The Peacock (also called Bouquet) swirl was created around the end of the 18th century as a paper marbling technique. The pattern resembles the plumage of a male peacock or a bouquet of flowers.

I’ve since gotten a little better at the technique and have gotten several inquiries as to how to do it. I taught this technique at the Alabama Soap Conference and the Texas Conference. Holly Port from Lotion Bar Cafe and I did a quick video during one night of practice in our hotel room down in Austin, TX. It’s not professional by any means…but if you want to see how to do it…here it is!!

We hope you enjoy!


Its really easy to make your own raking combs for the swirl.  The one is the video was made using hair roller pix pushed through cardboard.  You can find roller pix at beauty supply stores or online.