Holly Port of Lotion Bar Café is the Bath Fizzy Queen! If you were at the HSMG conference, the Alabama conference or the Texas conference you were lucky enough to get one of her bath bombs. She was visiting this weekend and I asked her if she would be willing to do a bath bomb tutorial for the blog. I told her I wanted something with goat’s milk and oatmeal so she came up with a specially formulated recipe that I could share with you! She also shared her process, which includes some very helpful information and techniques.

UPDATE: Since this blog post, Holly Port has written a book! Check out Make It Fizz for more bath bomb recipes and projects.

Bath Fizzies with Holly Port

These bath bombs have my favorite butter, mango butter, and my favorite oil, avocado! I got in a new fragrance from Bramble Berry (Fresh Snow) that smells amazing so I wanted to try that out.

Holly Port Bath Bomb Recipe

2.5 cups baking soda
.5 cups goat milk powder
1.5 cups citric acid
1 cup cornstarch
.5 cups powder oatmeal
1.6 oz avocado oil (wt)
2 oz mango buter (wt)
.5 oz water (wt)
.5 oz alcohol (wt)
.75 oz scent (wt)

Step 1 – Measure the citric acid, cornstarch, baking soda, oatmeal and goat’s milk into your mixing bowl. Put a towel over your mixer and turn on the lowest setting. The towel prevents the powders from flying everywhere! Although you don’t have to use a stand mixer…it helps to get everything mixed well and also aerate the mixture. Leave this mixing while you measure out the butter and liquid ingredients.

Step 2 – Measure out the butter and oil. Melt.

Step 3 – While the butter is melting, measure out the other liquid ingredients (alcohol, water, fragrance).

Step 4 – When the melted oil has cooled down a bit (warm to touch – not hot) combine with the liquid ingredients.

Step 5 – With the mixer still on low, dump in the liquid mix. Turn the mixer up higher to get everything mixed quickly. Scrape the sides of the mixing bowl with a skewer as the butter might stick a bit to the sides.

Step 6 – Test the mixture’s consistency by grabbing a handful and squeezing it hard. It should keep its shape and not fall apart easily.

Step 7 – Using a meatballer, scoop up some of the mixture. Squeeze the meatballer hard with your hand while smoothing the seam.

Step 8 – Using your thumb, press down on the hole on the top of the meatballer as you open it. This helps the bathbomb stay together as the meatballer opens. It takes some practice! If the bathbomb falls apart just dump it back into the mix and try again.

Step 9 – Let your bathbombs dry out in a cool dry place away from humidity and heat.

We dusted them with a bit of glitter just to add a holiday sparkle!

To use your bathbomb, simply drop it into the tub and watch it fizz!

Warning: This recipe does contain butters/oils. They will float on the surface of the water and deposit on your body as you soak in the tub and as you get out of the water. It will leave some in the tub and make it a bit slick so take care when getting out of the tub.

Thank you so much for doing this tutorial for us and sharing some of your tips, Holly!

Happy Soaping!  (Or bath bomb making!)

-Amanda & Holly