Hemp milk is a great alternative to animal milks such as goat or cow if you want your soap to be vegan. Hemp milk contains omega essential fatty acids, proteins, amino acids and many more goodies. It has a great label appeal on soap and is perfect for certain target markets.

Soaping with Hemp Milk – Milk in Oil Method

This tutorial follows the milk in oil method of milk soapmaking.  In the “Milk in Oil” method…you make a lye solution with equal parts lye and water. Then you add another equal part milk to the oils before you add the lye solution. This prevents the milk from burning in the lye solution. You also don’t have to go through the hassle of freezing your milk. For some people it is just easier to do.

For more details on making goat milk soap, check out our eBook Goat Milk Soapmaking! It includes directions for full-milk soapmaking as well as the milk-in-oil method.

Let’s make soap!

The recipe:
Coconut oil – 20 oz
Olive oil – 20 oz
Rice bran oil – 5 oz
Avocado oil – 5 oz
Castor oil – 4 oz
Shea butter – 5 oz
Sweet almond oil – 5 oz
Hemp milk – 9 oz

Sodium hydroxide – 9 oz
Water – 9.5 oz

Gear up in your goggles and gloves!  If you are new to soapmaking…visit our beginner tutorial first.

The first step is to make our lye solution.  I mention above to make the lye solution with equal parts of lye and water.  I always add a splash more because sometimes the mixture can fall out of solution if there is not enough water.  Usually equal parts is the most concentrated you should go.

Measure out the water and the lye.  Add the lye to the water and mix in a well ventilated area.

lye solutionPut that to the side.  Weigh out the shea and coconut oil and melt.

coconut and sheaOnce melted, add all of the liquid oils to the melted oils.

IMG_2303Add 9 oz of hemp milk to the melted oils.  I was able to find hemp milk at whole foods.  Check out natural food stores.

IMG_2305I also used a fragrance oil blend from Lebermuth – Rosemary, Grapefuit and Lime.  I used 3 oz.

IMG_2307Take a look at the lye solution.  You might see some floating white filmy stuff.  Give it a mix.  This is just because it is such a concentrated solution and the lye is reacting to the carbon in the air and forming sodium carbonate.  Lye (undissolved crust) stuck to the bottom of your container is bad…white floaties are not.

lye solution Add the lye solution.  Make sure you have your goggles on!

IMG_2310Now it is time to stickblend!

IMG_2311Blend until trace.

IMG_2316I wanted to do some textured tops.  I filled the molds full.

IMG_2319I let the leftover soap in the pot get thick.  Then I piled it on with a spoon.

IMG_2321Then I took a craft stick and played with it until I got texture that I liked.

IMG_2324IMG_2325IMG_2326Let sit overnight, cut and cure for 4 weeks!

Happy (Hemp Milk) Soaping!