As a soapmaking instructor and consultant one of the topics discussed quite often with students and other soapmakers is how to create a more efficient process for making soap! Even beginner students ask about this in beginner classes.

how to masterbatch for soap


Many soapmakers think that master-batching is for the big guys…the soapmakers that make 20 pounds or 40 pounds of soap. Nope! Small-scale soapmakers can greatly benefit from master-batching, even if they’re only making 2 lb. batches of soap.

Master-batching is all about saving time, which translates to saving money if you own a business selling your handcrafted soap.

In this 29 page eBook, I walk you through the steps to safely master-batch your lye solution, soapmaking oils and even essential oil blends. We’ll talk about equipment, safety, storage, using master-batched lye and we’ll go over two methods of master-batching oils to help you streamline your process.

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-Amanda Gail