I’ve been wanting to make a soap using fresh avocado puree for a long time now. I always end up eating the avocados before I can put them into soap! Last weekend, I was able to get it done. I used a fun pencil line and layering technique for the design. So fun!

Fresh Avocado Puree Cold Process Soap Recipe

Photo by Busy Bee Creative – Product PhotographyBasically with purees you can simply replace some of the water in your recipe with fresh puree. I replaced 2 oz. of water with 2 oz. of fresh avocado. I pureed it into my oils before adding the lye solution.

Adding avocado to your soap adds additional oil, vitamins and minerals.

Fresh Avocado Puree Cold Process Soap Recipe

Coconut Oil – 12 oz.
Shea Butter – 2 oz.
Olive Oil – 12 oz.
Avocado Oil – 4 oz.
Rice Bran Oil – 4 oz.
Water – 7.8 oz.
Sodium Hydroxide – 4.9 oz.
Avocado Puree – 2 oz.

Enchanted Forest Mica (Mad Oils) – 1/2 tsp
Lettuce Entertain You Mica (Mad Oils) – 1/2 tsp
The Maniacal Pea Mica (Mad Oils) – 1/2 tsp
Satin Penny Mica (Mad Oils) – About 1 teaspoon for dusting

Lemongrass Essential Oil – 2 oz.

Bramble Berry 12″ Tall Skinny Loaf Mold

Tea Infuser Spoon

Let’s make this soap!

Safety Warning: This recipe is for soapmakers who have a basic knowledge of the soapmaking process and know the correct safety procedures to use when handling lye. If you are new to soapmaking, visit our beginner instructions. Be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves while soaping.

Step 1 – Make your lye solution. Weigh out your lye and water into two separate containers.

Step 2 – Pour your lye into the water while stirring slowly. Be sure to mix your lye solution in a well-ventilated area.

Step 3 – Weigh out the shea butter and coconut oil and melt. Melt just until melted, no more.

Step 4 – Add the liquid oils to the melted oils. This will help cool the temperature down.

Step 5 – Add diced fresh avocado to the melted oils. Stickblend for one minute to puree. Make sure there are no lumps or big chunks of avocado left.

fresh avocado soapavocado Puree SoapmakingStep 6 – Add essential oils to the oil mixture. Mix.

Step 7 – Once the oils and lye solution have gotten to below 90 degrees F, pour the lye into the oils and mix until emulsion. Don’t mix to trace.

avocado Puree SoapStep 8 – Divide the mixture out evenly into three containers. Color each one with a different green mica.

green mica soap


madOilsMicaStep 9 – Thicken up the light green soap and pour into the mold. Tap mold to flatten.

making Avocado SoapStep 10 – Using a tea infusion spoon, sprinkle on some Satin Penny Mica. Don’t make the mica a solid layer. You should still see some soap through. If you make a solid layer, the soap layers might come apart when you unmold.

pencil line soapmica lineStep 11 – Pour the next layer. Repeat the mica line.

Step 12 – Pour the last layer.

forestGreenSoapAllow your soap to sit overnight and unmold the next day. Cut your soap and let is cure for a minimum of 4 weeks.

When cutting a soap with a pencil line, lay the soap on it’s side to cut so you don’t drag the line down the soap.


Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail