Making cold process round soap embeds is super easy to do! If you have a batch of soap where the design did not turn out as planned, make embeds.

I love telling people about this story! This actually happened a few years ago, but I completely forgot to blog about it.

I was teaching a class in Dallas. Each student got to make a 2 pound batch of soap, but for some reason after pouring their soap into their mold there was a bit left over. I didn’t quite calculate the batch size correctly.

I happened to have a large slab mold on hand so each student poured their soap into the mold. Check out this beautiful swirl!

swirled soap slab soap

After class I loaded up my car. I left a perfect and flat area in my trunk for the soap. It was still a bit soft, but it would be okay. Just as I was shutting my hatchback, I glanced at the pumpkin sitting next to the soap. Surely, that won’t roll into the soap. It had a flat base and was nice and steady…no way would it roll.

Well, I bet you can guess…it rolled. Right into this beautiful soap!


Grrrrr! I didn’t want to waste the soap so I decided to make embeds out of it.

I broke off little pieces and rolled them into balls.

soap balls


Then I created a new soap and embeded the balls into it. It really came out nice!

round soap embed layers

The balls are adorable bursts of color. So if you have a soap where the design or swirl doesn’t come out just right, make embeds!


Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail