The next issue of Soap Collaborative Magazine is fabulously packed with DIY hair-care formulations and recipes!

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The next issue of Soap Collaborative, which comes out July 1st, is a treasure for those looking to get into creating products for the hair.

DIY Hair-Care Formulations and Recipes!

Articles include:

  • How to Formulate a Syndet Shampoo Bar, Shannon DeVaul
  • How to Formulate a Soap for Hair, Liz Ardlady
  • Making Soap for Hair: Microwave Hot Process, Kathy White
  • Create More Free Time This Summer by Outsourcing, Alyssa Middleton
  • Charity: Is It Important to Your Business to Give Back?, Angela Carillo
  • Monoi Leave-In Hair Conditioner & Detangler, Jo Haslauer
  • Dry Shampoo with Natural Ingredients, Amanda Gail
  • Herb Infused Hair Oil, Theresa Mendez
  • DIY Wholesale Catalog & Linesheet, Benjamin Aaron
  • Ultra Luxurious Hair Mask, Suzanne Finley
  • Raising the Bar: Lovin’ Soap Project Update, Benjamin Aaron


Syndet Shampoo by Shannon DeVaul

Syndet Shampoo Bars by Shannon DeVaul

Shampoo Bars by Liz Ardlady

Shampoo Bars by Kathy White

Monoi Conditioner by Jo Haslauer

Monoi Conditioner by Jo Haslauer

Hair Mask by Sue Finley

Hair Mask by Sue Finley