I’ve just completed two new eBooks that I’m offering as a bundle. 🙂 I love goat milk soap!

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Learn to make goat milk soap using our guide and recipe book. Goat milk soap is nourishing with decadent lather and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Whether you have dairy goats and need to find projects for the milk or you just love goat milk soap, this full-color guide will have you creating decadent goat milk soap in no time.

Goat Milk Soap Making

Benefits of Milk in Soap

Goat milk soap is creamy and has a lotion-like lather. It is a delightfully rich soap to use. Many people like to use goat milk soap if they have sensitive skin. Goat milk contains vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to the skin.

Goat milk contains sugar in the form of lactose. Sugar boosts lather, so goat milk soap has a wonderfully rich lather.

This 50 page guide will walk you through the process of making goat milk soap using farm fresh goat milk (or any other milk for that matter).

With full-color photographs of each step, I walk you through two processes for making goat milk soap, Full Milk Goat Milk Soap Process and Milk in Oil Goat Milk Soap Process.

You do not have to have any soap making experience to make goat milk soap. This guide walks you through the basics of soap making and then teaches you how to make soap using goat milk.

The 32 page recipe book will inspire you with 22 natural goat milk soap recipes using essential oils and natural colorants!

Recipes include:

  • Lavender & Mint Goat Milk Soap
  • True Grit Goat Milk Soap
  • Ginger & Lime Goat Milk Soap
  • Calendula Infused Goat Milk Soap
  • Chai Tea Goat Milk Soap
  • Coffee & Cream Goat Milk Soap
  • The Herbal Goat
  • The Thieving Goat
  • The Restless Goat
  • The Forest Goat
  • Orange Spice Goat Milk Soap
  • Poppy & Lemon Goat Milk Soap
  • Honey & Oats Goat Milk Soap
  • Oatmeal & Lavender Goat Milk Soap
  • Chocolate & Cinnamon Goat Milk Soap
  • Triple Butter Goat Milk Soap
  • Sea Clay Goat Milk Soap
  • Turmeric & Rose Hips Goat Milk Soap
  • Baby Goat
  • The Old Goat
  • Cooling Clay Goat Milk Soap
  • Patchouli Lime Goat Milk Soap

I hope you enjoy!

-Amanda Gail