I love the month of January. For me, it a is a month of planning, goal setting and clearing out! I have tons of soap stashed around the house! I’ve visited with many soap makers over the years so I know that I’m not alone. I don’t sell my soap, so simply have gobs of it. I’ve given it to as many friends and family that I can.

Even if you sell soap, you still might have soap that you’d like to get rid of to get ready for new soap in 2017! Perhaps you have some batches that are just slightly wonky or bars that are under weight. Or maybe a batch didn’t come out quite exactly as you would have liked.

Whatever the case, donating your soap will help you get ready for the new year!

Here are some ideas for where and how to donate your soap.

Clean The World

2020 update: Clean the world no longer takes handmade soap!

Local Shelters

Any major city has a number of shelters; whether general shelters, women’s shelters..etc. They need hygiene products for their welcome kits. I used to donate to a local shelter in Dallas and the guy I talked to said that soap was THE #1 item needed. 🙂 They gladly accepted handmade soap.

Some considerations:

  • Some shelters only accept commercially produced items. Some will accept handmade. Ask your local shelter if they accept handmade soap. If they don’t, ask another!
  • See if they require that the products are packaged and labeled. Again, some require this, some don’t.

For other ideas on where to donate soap I asked our wonderful Facebook Group, Saponification Nation, members. Here are some helpful responses.

Homeless Shelters, halfway houses, women’s shelters. – anyplace that has a transient population that might enjoy something handmade rather than institutional. – Lindsay Barker

Battered Women’s Shelter. They usually won’t tell you where it is and you have to take it to a third party like the homeless shelter. – Peggy Schrader

I donate to my local women’s shelter and to the Unfogotten Haven, which is also local. They take donations to help fire victims, the homeless and veterans. – Carol Anne 

A family shelter in my town takes them as long as they are properly labeled. – Lauri K. Strain

Nursing homes or retirement villages, or send them to school for fetes, and for kids to make mothers day gifts. – Felicity Speare

Soldiers through VA programs (they can send care packages), Shelter Programs, and Bags for Random Acts of Kindness to total strangers (the girl in the drive up window, the frazzled cashier at the gas station) which is a nice way to tell someone you appreciate them. Another thing to keep in mind is people on Food Stamps do not receive any assistance with personal hygiene products like soap, detergent, etc., so local food pantries are a nice donation spot to keep it in your community. – Carrie Kennedy

I live by March Air Force Base, they have a VETERANS shelter that always need hygiene items. My local animal shelter raffles off my soap to raise finds. And my 2 minions bag up a bar of soap with 99 cent store tooth brushes, tooth paste, wash cloth, granola bar. We put a couple of scoops of dog food in ziplock bags. We take a ride to the “big park” and pass them out when we can. My kids love to do this. – Kittie Lickandpurr

Operation Christmas Child gives all children a shoe box filled with things they need… these go all over the world 🙂 Many have never even owned a bar of soap. – Valaura Sinor

Local Thrift Stores

Local thrift stores supporting a cause you believe in. – Akaya Lee

Animal Rescue

I donate to an animal rescue. She uses them for gifts, rewards for donations and auctions. – Kea Jasmin Ross


You could donate to Veterans programs; programs that send hygiene items and necessities. – Kirsha Deshotel Barker

Veterans homeless shelters. I donate 10 to 15 pounds of bars a year. They really enjoy it (think the staff does too). – CM Milo-Fitz

Soldiers Overseas

Soldiers overseas love getting soap in care packages…I’ve sent soap for years. I go through www.supportourtroops.org – Erin Thompson Healy

Blue Star mothers for soldier care packages. – Cara Schwichtenberg

Local Victims of House Fires or Natural Disasters

I like to donate soaps to local victims of house fires, I didn’t plan it that way, but seems to be a pattern…. – Nicole Huston

I am wondering if the people of Gatlinburg need some. I am just not sure where to send it. – Christine Young Corbin

Dolly Parton’s foundation has a lot of information about where to send donations and what type. (My in-laws live in the area.) – Holly Warren


I put a bar of soap, small pack of tissue, hard candy, chapstick and a dollar bill into a ziplock bag and hand it out to homeless folks on street corners. – Cindy McClure Francis

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a great place – their skin is so sensitive so these are perfect for them. – Sharon Hebert Gilsleider

Nursing homes are an excellent idea it makes them feel very special when there family’s can’t and or wont get them anything. Also since there skin is very sensitive and fragile. – Elizabeth Molnar

Local Food Pantry

I donate to the local food pantry. They are always thrilled when I bring a box full. – Bethany Petri

Local Church

The church up the street from me has a donation box on its front lawn. It looks essentially like a giant bird house. The door is windowed with plexiglass and the needy can anonymously take what they need without having to feel embarrassed by asking. I donate food, hats and gloves, soaps, toothpaste, you name it. – Rachel Brandt

Syrian Refugee Family

A good friend’s family chose to sponsor a Syrian refugee family who is relocating to the US in lieu of buying gifts. I donated all my old soaps to the family. – Lisa Abner

What do you do with your extra soap? Do you donate it or give it to people who need it? Post in the comments and let me know. 🙂

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail