Getting a true red or “Santa red” in cold process can be hard to do! You normally end up with pink or maroon soap.

Red in Cold Process Soap

I’ve heard of soap makers blending different colorants to get a true red in their soap. So I got to experimenting. 🙂

I got the idea for this blend from the delightful Ariane on YouTube. Check out her video Making A True Red Soap Color.

I mixed Voodoo Mica from Mad Oils with Red Oxide. I mixed it until it looked bright red in the container.

red in cold process soap

This type of red soap is best for swirled soap because it does lather pink. I don’t know of red soap that doesn’t lather pink. 🙂

Here it is poured into a mold as a test swatch.

red soap colorant

Here it is in a swirled cake soap that I did for Valentines. This soap is in my newest eBook, Valentine Soap Making Guide!

red soap swirl

So far the swirl is still nice and crisp! I know there are some true red colorants in our industry that contain dyes, but they bleed. I wanted something that would stay nice and crisp and not bleed into the other parts of the soap.

I hope this helps you mix up your own true red soap colorant!

Do you get the perfect red in cold process soap? Post in the comments and if you want, email me a picture to add to this blog post.

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail