Get swept away in love with these dreamy and romantic soaps designed specifically for Valentine’s Day! You can feel the romantic glow of love emanating from the colors and designs of these handcrafted, cold process soap designs. Red soaps ooze passion, pink soaps feel soft and feminine, the addition of sparkly glitter creates a magical fantasy of the love experience, and the rose buds symbolize the beginning of eternal love.

This 40-page step-by-step guide with full color photos will walk you through 13 Valentine’s Day cold process soap making projects. The colors and designs are so appealing they are sure to be well-received by both family and customers alike. In fact, their intriguing, timeless beauty will attract customers to your booth or into your shop. They are sure to be bestsellers!

The most perfect part of this soap making guide is that you can switch up the colors for any holiday or occasion making this eBook suitable for year-round soap making!  You can’t go wrong here! The purchase of this eBook is a wise and affordable investment in your soap making obsession or business.

Inside, you’ll find detailed instruction for 13 Valentine Themed Soaps!

Valentine Layered Soap with Gold Mica! In this tutorial I’ll walk you through creating layers with a gold mica line in between each one. We’ll top it off with a dusting of gold mica.

Valentine Drop Swirl Design! This soap walk you through using an in-the-mold drop swirl technique. We add to it by using a hanger to swirl the inside.

Rosebud Cupcake Soap Design! These adorable cupcakes are super easy to make and pipe. I’ll show you how!

Slice of Love Soap Design! This cute soap teaches you how to mix up a red colorant. Garnished with a bit of white piping and rose buds, these soaps are elegant and make wonderful gifts.

Gold Mica Swirl Soap! This soap uses an in-the-pot swirl technique and is topped with a mica oil swirl.

Swirled Rose Soap! This is my favorite soap of the bunch. It is so elegant topped with rose buds. The best part? You don’t even need a mold!

Charcoal Geranium Facial Bar!  This wonderful soap is perfect for the face. High in olive oil is it gently cleansing.

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Oatmeal & Ylang-Ylang Facial Bar! Another great soap for the face! Gentle and nourishing.

Valentine Salt Bar! This adorable salt bar has a decadent lotion-like lather. Topped with pink Himalayan salt.

Combining Melt and Pour with Cold Process Soap! These soaps include Exfoliating Apricot, Champagne, Pink Clay and Charcoal.

Each project includes recipe, essential oil blends (a couple fragrance oils), additives and step by step directions.

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