Many of us in the handcrafted soap and skin care industry are “solopreneurs,” or one-person businesses…

…or, at least that is how we get started.

And, there is nothing wrong with that! You don’t have to grow your business to anything other than a one-person shop! You get to make that call, as this is your dream!

Just know that there might be a ceiling you reach in a one-person business. You may only be able to do so much in terms of production, sales, accounting, marketing, organizing, ordering, shipping, etc. You only have so much time in the day and you can only do one thing at a time (contrary to popular opinion). Eventually, you might hit a ceiling on your energy, time, stamina and personal income, simply because you’ve reached your limit.

Please note, by reaching your limit, I’m not suggesting that you tire yourself out to the point of exhaustion or want to throw in the towel. On the contrary, if you intend to pursue a one-person business where you do everything, just know that at some point, you might plateau, which is perfectly fine.

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Whether you decide to grow your one-person shop into one that has a handful of employees–or dozens–you’ll need help along the way in the form of objectivity and accountability.

The Curse of the Solopreneur

Though the freedom and autonomy of making all the choices in your business is a blessing, it is also a curse. Why?

Because we’re human!

And humans have a genetic predisposition to occasionally taking the path of least resistance. We tend to not go the extra mile if we don’t have to. We eventually start saying things like, “good enough for me” when looking at our accomplishments.

But is it good enough for you?

When we get too bogged down with the hum-drums of our small enterprise, we tend to forget why we started it in the first place. When you don’t have a partner to lean on is when you jump on the hamster wheel and spin…and spin and spin and spin…

Again, whether you plan on expanding your business to having partners, co-managers, employees, etc., you may need outside perspective and cordial accountability. Everyone needs help being kindly pushed in the direction of their ultimate goals.

Moreover, many of us need help uncovering our ultimate goals in the first place. This is the curse!

If you really want to push yourself into a new paradigm of thought, creativity and goal-manifestation, you need a coach.

Meet me, Benjamin 😉

My entrepreneurial efforts in the handcrafted soap and skin care industry lead me to establishing a retail storefront and a wholesale distribution that reached across the continent and beyond.

Later I moved on to co-founding and directing a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with my wife, Amanda, called The Lovin’ Soap Project.

With the experiences and knowledge attained from running a successful for-profit soap and skin care company, along with training of dozens of individuals around the world, I think I have a pretty unique perspective on business and artisan manufacturing (if I say so myself ;-)).

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