I LOVE cupcake soaps! The more color, glitter and toppings, the better! Give me a cupcake soap with piled-high icing and I’m giddy. I almost love cupcake soaps as much as actual cupcakes…but not quite.

Maaaaany years ago, I used to sell soap. And one style of soap I sold was the cupcake soap. I remember having a customer come up to my booth at the farmers market, pick up a cupcake soap, and say…well, that’s a little odd to hold, no? And to be honest…it was!

Cupcake soaps are pretty wonky to try and use as a whole. But I have a little trick for you.

Cut your cupcake soaps in half! Once cut in half, they fit perfectly, and ergonomically, in your hand.

You can either cut your cupcakes soaps in half for selling, but even better, instruct your customers to cut in half after they purchase. Customers love an interactive product and will have fun cutting them in half to use.

You can also include a fun embed that will delight them when they cut. Include these instructions on your label or have a cut cupcake on display as you’re selling to explain to customers when they purchase.

Once cut, a cupcake soap is a delight to use!

Piping Perfection eCourse – New!

Have you tried your hand at piping cupcake soap yet? If not, or if you’re needing a bit of guidance, we have a new eCourse for you!

Take your soapmaking to a sweet new level with the BRAND-NEW Piping Perfection eClass! In this fun eClass, I walk you through how to pipe cold process soap in order to achieve the perfect consistency for realistic soap frosting.

This 6-video series covers the following topics:

  • Identify the tools and equipment needed for piping soap.
  • Learn how to pipe soap using 4 different piping tips to create a variety of design elements.
  • Formulate a piping recipe with the perfect consistency for frosting.
  • Video tutorial for 12 different cupcake top designs.
  • Learn to create piped flowers for loaf and cupcake toppings.
  • Learn to create a loaf with piped flowers.
  • Learn to create a loaf with a piped top.

I hope you’ll join us!

Happy Soaping!