Have you ever wondered how to color your soap naturally with plant colorants? No oxides, no clays, no ultramarines…just plants? Just natural soap colorants.

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This eBook takes different plant colorants and shows you three techniques to get the best results for coloring your soap – naturally.  A Palm-Free basic recipe is included with suggested additives for each plant color, as shown on the cover, to get you started.

Learn how to master those elusive purples and blues giving you a truly colourful rainbow of soaps.  Step by step photos help demystify the techniques used and show you the magic of coloring your soaps with plants.

Come join Jo and journey through a rainbow of soap!

This eBook features:

  • Full-color photography, including step-by-step pictures of creating soap using natural colorants.
  • Detailed supplier list by country to help you find suppliers of natural herbs and botanicals near to you.
  • Recipes used for each soap pictured on the cover.
  • Tips on swirling and choosing base oils.
  • Tips on using colored essential oils to amplify your natural colorants.

About this eBook:

  • 50 page 8.5 x 11″ PDF Download. (Designed so you can print yourself at home!)
  • Once you purchase and pay using Paypal, you will be emailed a download link within 24 hours. Be sure to check your spam folder.

About the author:

jo haslauerMy name is Jo Haslauer, and I LOVE soaping with plant colorants. I infuse them in oil, throw them into the lye water and add them at trace for their color, their herbal properties, and to enhance essential oil scents.










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