Is your soap stuck in PVC pipe? Give this a try.

PVC makes a great mold for cold process soap! It is cheap and you don’t have to line it. I know many soapmakers who have a hard time getting their soap OUT of the PVC pipe. This is what I do.

soap in pvc pipe

  1. Don’t fill your PVC pipe to the top. You need room to jar it loose.
  2. 24 after making your soap, take it outside to some concrete.
  3. Drop it onto the concrete hard to jar it loose! Drop it on the side where there is head room.
  4. Push the soap out.

It does help if your soap goes through gel phase. Also, please note that I use recipes high in soft oils, such as olive oil. I use 2 times my lye for water.

I don’t coat my mold with mineral oil and I don’t freeze the PVC.

If you’re trying to remove your soap from PVC, I hope this video helps!

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail

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