Pricing Handmade Soap for Profit: 27 Steps to Budgeting for Success eBook

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Learn the Key to Properly Pricing Your Handcrafted Soap!

According to business coach and soap making consultant, Benjamin Aaron, there is no magic formula when it comes to pricing your handcrafted soap and skincare products. In fact, if you’re using a pricing formula, your approach might be too narrow!

Through years of experience owning and operating a thriving soap making business that spanned the country, Benjamin explains how understanding your profit margin is key to correctly pricing your handcrafted products.

In his own words, “Pricing products can be overwhelming and confusing. In this book I showcase the need to set proper goals for your company, understand what it takes to configure your product’s cost, account for all expenses as a company (both fixed and variable) and create pricing scenarios that will dictate potential profit margins.

Because let’s face it, you’re in this to make money.

Making soap and skincare products is the easy part. Finding your company’s true net profit margin is incredibly difficult. In 27 steps, this book shows you how to not only properly price your products but how to create a sound budget that guarantees profit!

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About the Author

Benjamin Aaron is a business coach and consultant through The Lovin’ Soap Studio. With the experience and knowledge attained from running a successful for-profit soap and skin care company, along with training dozens of individuals around the world through his non-profit work, Benjamin offers his unique perspective on business and artisan manufacturing through his numerous books and resources found here at


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