Teach soap making classes to earn extra income!

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About this Book

In How To Teach Your Craft: Creating Revenue by Teaching Classes and Workshops, Amanda Gail walks you through the process of creating a craft education business based on your craft or art. From coming up with class ideas, creating content and pricing classes to setting up your business, getting insurance and creating release forms, you’ll be well on your way to starting your own business, creating revenue by teaching your craft. Along the way Amanda shares her story on how she built her career teaching classes and how she co-founded a not-for-profit teaching her craft, soapmaking. Whether your craft is painting, knitting, papermaking, pottery or cat hair weaving, you can make exceptional income by teaching what you know!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Becoming a Teacher
Why Teach?
Are You a Teacher?
What are Your Options?
Chapter 2 – For Whom Will You be Teaching?
Teaching for Someone Else
Making Contact and Submitting a Class Proposal
How Much do You Get Paid?
Teaching for Yourself
Chapter 3 – What will You Teach?
Coming Up with Class Ideas
Designing Each Class
Class Content
Class Format
The Class Project
The Class Handout
Write It Out – Magic Wand!
Practicing the Class
Chapter 4 – Every Teacher Needs a Classroom
Classroom Options
Classroom Requirements
Classroom Rental Contracts
What is Your Ideal Class Size?
Teacher’s Assistant
Chapter 5 – Pricing Classes, Workshops & Webinars
Creating Income Goals
Chapter 6 – Putting it all Together
Class Descriptions
Class Policies and Rules
Scheduling Classes & Workshops
How to Handle Registrations
Chapter 7 – Finding Your Students
Creating a Community
Chapter 8 – Collaboration
Collaboration with Other Instructors
Collaboration with Suppliers
Chapter 9 – Teaching Your Craft
Before the Class
During the Class
After the Class
Assessments & Certificates
How to Handle Troublesome Students
Special Situations
Chapter 10 – Sell Yourself
How to Build Your Teacher Credentials
Your Bio
Your Headshot
Chapter 11 – Setting up Your Business
Choosing a Business Structure
Is Your Guest Teacher an Employee or
Chapter 12 – Liability, Environment & Procedures
Release of Liability Form
Safe Instructional Environment & Procedures
Chapter 13 – Teaching in Developing Countries
Chapter 14 – Go Forth and Teach

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