This was a small batch of soap that I made to try out a simple technique. I’m sure you’ve heard of a funnel swirl, right? Funnel swirls can be done in a loaf mold, slab mold or even a cylinder mold.

Here is a funnel pour into a cylinder mold using Mad Mica’s for color.

A faux funnel swirl is the same concept, but you nix the funnel. There really isn’t a need to use an actual funnel. You can just pour in the same manner.

Here is a faux funnel swirl, Aloe Vera Faux Funnel Swirl Soap Design.

So I wondered what it would look like to use the faux funnel technique, but instead of focusing the pour in just one position – focus the pour in four positions.

Here is the result! Ignore my ash from cutting too soon and stearic spots from soaping too cool. šŸ™‚


So here is how I did it.

You’ll need a slow-moving recipe perfect for swirling. Check out our freebies page and grab the Swirling Tips Guide.

You could also use this recipe – In The Pot Funnel with Wiggle Pour Soap Design (Clyde Slide Soap Design Tutorial) – which will fill a 10″ silicone mold from Bramble Berry.

I used Tahitian Teal Mica, Grape Nehi Mica and Charcoal from Mad Micas.

Bring your soap to light trace. Divide out and color as shown.

Using a faux funnel pour technique, start to pour in two corners. Rotate through the colors once.

Now pour into the other two corners. Rotate through the colors once.

Repeat until you fill up the mold!

Swirl the top!

After 24 hours you can cut your soap. Let it cure for 4 weeks.


I really like the design! I think it came out great.

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail